The Big Switch.

Life is thrilling and is like riding a big roller coaster! Things are moving along and changing fast over here. My baby girl turned nine and my baby baby turned three. With all this time flying by, I have managed to slow down and take a good look at my photography and make some decisions. When I was able to step back and really see what my heart is crying for, I knew that being a photographer was part of that cry. As I work to re-brand things, dedicate myself to newborn, child and family sessions, I hope you will join me and follow along this new path.

One of my greatest desires it to give back through photography, through Simple City Photography. My dream is that all families in Milwaukee have the opportunity to have beautiful images on their walls that tell their story. As things develop, I will share more on how Simple City Photography is giving back to this community.

I am also switching blog/website platforms! So be patient with me as I move everything over!

Thank you and let the new journey begin!


on an Island.

Believe me when I say If I could be anywhere right now it would be on a Island. Maybe not Washington Island where the pictures were taken, but a nice hot beachy Island! We were so blessed to visit the Island with our close friends and neighbors. It was a perfect getaway this summer and I can not wait to go back. :)  


So my best friend in the whole worlds little sister is getting married!!! I could not be happier for her and her fiance. They are a perfect fit. I am so excited for them and can;t wait to see the beautiful life they have ahead of them. Congrats guys! So excited for your big day! 

Fabulous {F} Family

We were blessed with a simple beautiful fall day with this family! The kids loved running around and we found all sorts of things to explore. These kids are just so beautiful and sweet. Enjoy! 

The session where we all laugh…a lot.

With three boys you have to be flexible. You just never know who is going to listen, who is going to scream and who is going to give you that award winning smile! Thankfully this family understands that and we just roll with each and every fit. We laugh and move on! Every year this is a favorite session of mine!

 The reality behind family sessions….

 and the parents that have the best attitudes ever! :) Love you guys!

Fall 2012 With the {W} Family

This by far is one of the most beautiful family on this earth. Knowing this entire family for over half my life has been such a blessing to me! I could not ask for a better friend and role models in my life! Taking their pictures is a added perk in my life. 

Married. Cedarburg Wedding

Catching up from some session this past fall! I was able to photography this amazing couple this past fall- it was a cold day, a little rainy yet a completely romantic afternoon! It was so wonderful to see these too become united! I just love this bride and am so very happy for her! 

Baby Ella. Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Ella, 4 days old. There is nothing sweeter than this. Nothing. Congratulations {Z} Family! She is beautiful! 

sing a little song for me.

I had the of working with this beautiful family. Although the rain tried to ruin our lovely shoot, we prevailed and had a lovely time. This family was truly a blessing to me. You can just feel the bond they have together and the complete adoration between husband and wife. The love that spills out for their son is extravagant. I loved every moment from this shoot. My favorite part of the evening was when that rain started and we moved indoors. Together they sang and played music for their little man. It was so peaceful and intimate. These two have such great talent! Thank you so much for letting me peek into your world, it is a lovely, cozy place. 

Just the Ladies.

I had the honor of taking these pictures for my friend Kelly. I love capturing generations together. This family is blessed to have the 4 generations together and all girls! It was a blast and such a privilege.